Tuesday, 11 November 2008

"...when im older, i wanna be like Moldover"

As if I aint blogged in a whole month, its long story which includes me moving house so i dont have a stable internet connection but ill blog about it real soon (with pics).

But to keep you tuned into the system check out Moldover he is a genius when it comes to "Controllerism". This is for all those who show appreciation for the magnificent software that is Ableton Live and its endless remixing possibilites.

There is a shed load of vids like this but it seems Novation Keyboards are the way forward from here on out as I only fcuks with Apple Mac's and the M-Audio Oxygen 8 midi controller (which I have) was never upgraded for compatibility with Mac OS X, they just brought out an Oxygen 8v2.

Oxygen 8 Midi Controller

Oxygen 8v2 Midi Controller

Novation Remote 25 Sl

Anyone wanna help me buy one?

Monday, 6 October 2008

Dub(step) Be Good To Me

I love dubstep but I fcuking hate going to any club where the venue lacks girls. So brings forth the issue that "GIRLS DONT LIKE DUBSTEP!!".

When I went to FWD @ Plastic People and the place reeked of B.O and this was before the warm up Dj had got the crowd moving, matter of fact there wasnt even a crowd to move. Just a couple of Trampy stoners which just happen to be guys. I would be much happier smelling some chicks cheap Skitzney Shears Perfume.

Hey, I am very monogomus but something doesnt seem right about having men rub up against you (alledgedy) accidently. If a girl does it then I suppose its more normal and she probably didnt mean nothing by it.

Anyway here is tune Gary Glitter could rub up on me to, and I wouldnt give a fuck (can you see the metaphor?).....

....Coz he would get stomped and moshed Rage Against the Machine Style, Id probably stomp him out even if this song wasnt playing.

Oh by the way, its a new release from Chase and Status, and the tracks called Eastern Jam. I heard this track get dropped by Urban Nerds resident Rattus Rattus @ Bigger Than Barry, I seriously thought this track was made with a sample of a fucking lorry falling on its side.

Rusko is another beast on the beats.....

Leon Jean Marie - Bring It On (Rusko Remix)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

DragonBall Zzzzzz....

Here is the Trailer for the forthcoming DragonBall Z feature film, I was talking to a collegue at work about this just last week but he was speculating whether its just rumors.

It was the first I had heard of anything about the movie however it did not suprise me, no one can originate anything anymore as we have reached the end of western civilisation.

Anyway Check it out...

Is it just me or does this smell of the same set of pants that both Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter Movies came (no homo) out of? The only thing that could save this film is if they took a leaf out of Incredible Hulk's book and became a CGI animation when blasting into Super Saiyan Mode.

You get the idea....

I recall the first time I ever watched DragonBall Z was when I went to Jamaica and my little cousin Marc was unsociable whenever this cartoon came on. I didn't understand it because I was viewing a couple of minutes of an episode. But after the animation started viewing in UK I watched as everyone else did but found it a bit boring at times, I got a feeling the movie will be on the same levels.

While attending Wheelers Lane Boys School, when we 'played' fighting (DragonBall Z Style), my favourite character was Vegeta. Most of my friends would end up fighting over who was Goku or Gohan, the most boring characters. Yeah, those friends supported Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea. On that note, here is Kanye West with the "Go In" track from Graduation.

Anyone bothered about his new album??

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Evolution Fashion - 1st Oct

I will be on the set, Im gonna rip this down earrrrly. I dont have no choice I got work in the next morning, also if all goes well this should be on BBC Midlands News to kick off Black History Month.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Get well soon DJ AM and Travis Barker

Here is a vid of Dj AM getting down with Jazzy Jeff (aka the reason I Dj), AM smashed that Lauryn Hill x Diddy Mix.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Everything Is Brilliant (On Skinner's New Album)

'...Grime is one of the "Hardest Ways To Make An Easy Living", but I keep doing it coz "A Grand Dont Come For Free", I dont understand why man wanna eat me like cereal coz I make "Original Pirate Material". - Skepta, Prangin Out Remix

Mr Mike Skinner has blessed us with brand new alternative/hip hop/indie sounds, which I am really excited about but let me tell about a time when I wouldnt be. I remember my mate JimBoB (a very innovative ginger bloke i went to secondary school with, whom should be joining this cool blog soon) bought the first installment of the Streets and I just didnt understand the album and it didnt make any sense that he wasnt rhyming on the beat. I truly thought it sounded like 2-Step spoken word.

It wasnt until a few years after I was in the back of my cousins car on the way to London with Skinner's second album blasting out of his really loud system hidden nicely in the boot of his shitty little punto. I blissfully recall listening to a track word for word about how lean Mike Skinner is while he is in club by himself waiting the arrival of his girlfriend and his beat mate. That track is known as 'Blinded By The Lights', I then causally asked my cousin to 'hook me up' with a copy of that album and around that time Mike had started dropping loads of remixes of his tracks with Grime artists such as D Double, Kano and Sovereign *coughs sarcastically*. Plus signing the Mitchell Brothers, the alleged UK answer to Outkast *coughs a little more*.

When the 3rd album came out I realised how much I liked the second album even more and even bought the 1st album to catch up with all that I have missed, Im even debating whether I should record a vid of mom dancing 'Madness' Style to Don't Mug Yourself and put it on Youtube.

I gave Skinner's new album a Sunday Morning Listen which is usually the best way for me to take in a fresh album all at once due to work and marmighty iTunes. I suggest you all give it a listen, because its pretty cool....

Lastly, I have to say the most catchy track has to be Track 2 titled Heaven for the Weather. This track is a tad blasphemous but quite funny as it reminds me of a time when I was working at Carphone Whorehouse (as it is well known for pimping its customers), I told a girl that I wouldnt want to go to heaven because it just seems really boring but hell has the tendencies more of an entertaining place. She then said how much she was deeply offended because she was a christian and blah, blah... anyway long story short after we finished arguing she went outside for cigarette.

Peace and Stuff.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Land of upright men

This is a short segment of film on the charismatic leader of Burkina faso, Thomas Sankara. Like all great leaders, Sankara did not live long enough to achieve his dream - a Burkina faso free of foreign aid and french colonialism. Thomas Sankara changed the name of his country from "upper volta" to "Burkina Faso" meaning - "land of upright men".

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Some more ish for you ears...

The art of sampling


Check out this video i found of some original samples used in hiphop. Quite interesting...

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Party Like A Hop Star??

Definately been a wasteman on this blogging tip but I been putting in some work trying to get a decent hipster-type guy that plays grime to headline a party which will be going off on the 27th Sept at Rooty's, Custard Factory, Birmingham.

Neither the less, Im still hopping around after my wild partying at the my favourite club ever, which happens to be called Fabric and that was a month ago, I hope this limp goes away. I really dont think me going to Notting Hill Carnival did any favours for my limp but who could miss a top notch party with Diplo, Mumdance, Santogold, Toddla T (he makes dancehall for consumers) and Warrior Queen. 

Shit even Jammer and Birmingham's finest export known as Badness done a PA for their (slightly late) soca inspired summer smash single "The Message is Love", produced by Sliverlink. That party was brill and the best part was all the chicks telling me how COOL my bowler hat was......CREATING WAVES, BABY!!!

Speaking of waves, I was on a boat party the sunday before bank holiday, I never been on a boat along the Thames before let alone a boat on the Thames that had some top notch DJ repping The Nextmen. Dude Showered it and played some of my new favourite tracks out including Adele - Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix) and Hot 8 Brass Band - Sexual Healing. Special shout out to Spin Doctor and his lovely wife putting it on for Birmingham.

And couple weeks later I went to my favourite club night in Birmingham known as Bigger Than Barry.

 There is the proof and if you look closely im rolling with the bowler, and shout out to that couple of haters that deserve to die of AIDS.


Saturday, 23 August 2008

Trendsetter's Bench Lesson 1 - The Bowler Hat

Well nothing is new under the sun, but myself and peeps will be influential in getting people to rock these English Bowler Hats for 08/09.

Back in the late 1800's Coke Hat (as it named after the first customer to purchase it) was original prototype of the modern day industrial yellow hard hats used by posh cunts whom would go rabbit hunting and get there top hats knocked off by low hanging tree twigs. 
Some dickhead on wikipedia has came up with the conculsion that these are not very popular anymore because you cant wear them in you car.....hmmmm. 

Well, Tomorrow is 'The Carnival' where you are surrounded by millions of people, walk in big circles, smell jerk chicken and enjoy it. Oh and when I say 'The Carnival' I mean Notting Hill no dis-retro-spect to all those in Leeds but London's Annual Caribbean party has the most similarities to the Brazilian one. I actually happen like most things which are Brazilian, except for nuts. 

Furthermore, I really do think people will think I am absolute nut (but also wanna jock my swag, no homo (i think)) tomorrow because ill be wearing a fresh Bowler with my spankers OBEY T-Shirt. Thats right I am trying to stand out like a sore thumb because as my favorite saying goes; "The one thing we have in common is we are all individuals".

I have noticed that the coolest type of fashion sense is the one which makes you stand out from everyone else and actually makes you different which isnt easy to do unless you 'wear your own garmz' like these two.

Which reminds me, I need to shout out FB who told me about a custom T-Shirt shop which is a minute away from my house (if i drive like a maniac). So I might Hit Em Up Tupac Styleeee.


Hold tight, Yera who inspired me to  finally cop one.


Thursday, 21 August 2008

Skamboard P

Now I have been saying for a minute that Pharrell carries the influential qualities to be in the musical catergory as a modern-day Prince. Even though he "bites" Prince's music style in the sneakiest ways. I guess like Mike Skinner's new masterpiece Everything Is Borrowed.
I sure wished someone could have Borrowed (or is it Lent) me £70 on Tuesday because Prince's Mini-me was in town to perform at the Birmingham Academy with N*E*R*D (aka The Revolution). Hold up wait, before you try and guess where this is going your wrong coz TICKETS for the show were £30, I dont think they were sold out but Pharrell is obviously doing his bit to get on the other side of the credit crunch.
Anyway the £70 would have came in handy for a T-Shirt which I had to buy in order to meet Pharrell at his in-store signing at Flannels, Bull Ring...........Dont Think So!!!!

I couldnt believe it, the worst part is that I twisted my ankle about two weeks ago 'Jumping Drunk to Daft Punk' at Fabric, London with Yera and Sean while the Scratch Pervs was on. So I am going into Birmingham City Centre on crutches, looking like a Tee-pee minus the sheep skin only to be told that even if I wanted to buy T-Shirt they are sold out anyway, So I couldnt meet the dude anyway (Im not even gonna say no homo, Pharrell is definatley one of the modern day Leaders of The New School). But to make up for the wack 'Scenario' I would have took that £70 to The Candy Store and just copped a couple of those 'The Hundreds' Tees. My Boy Ian has that FIRE!!

So I hobbled home and put on that 'Seeing Sounds' to make up for not meeting Pharrell and I found my new favourite song called 'Lazer Gun' which I wish Lupe drop a lil 16 on. I need to learn how remix on my Logic Express 7 program, Loooong Ting.


Monday, 18 August 2008

"...Im just following fashion".

I thought id hop on the old bandwagon.....

But seriously this will feature up and coming events, news and funny stuff so stick around and add it in your favourites.