Tuesday, 11 November 2008

"...when im older, i wanna be like Moldover"

As if I aint blogged in a whole month, its long story which includes me moving house so i dont have a stable internet connection but ill blog about it real soon (with pics).

But to keep you tuned into the system check out Moldover he is a genius when it comes to "Controllerism". This is for all those who show appreciation for the magnificent software that is Ableton Live and its endless remixing possibilites.

There is a shed load of vids like this but it seems Novation Keyboards are the way forward from here on out as I only fcuks with Apple Mac's and the M-Audio Oxygen 8 midi controller (which I have) was never upgraded for compatibility with Mac OS X, they just brought out an Oxygen 8v2.

Oxygen 8 Midi Controller

Oxygen 8v2 Midi Controller

Novation Remote 25 Sl

Anyone wanna help me buy one?