Monday, 6 October 2008

Dub(step) Be Good To Me

I love dubstep but I fcuking hate going to any club where the venue lacks girls. So brings forth the issue that "GIRLS DONT LIKE DUBSTEP!!".

When I went to FWD @ Plastic People and the place reeked of B.O and this was before the warm up Dj had got the crowd moving, matter of fact there wasnt even a crowd to move. Just a couple of Trampy stoners which just happen to be guys. I would be much happier smelling some chicks cheap Skitzney Shears Perfume.

Hey, I am very monogomus but something doesnt seem right about having men rub up against you (alledgedy) accidently. If a girl does it then I suppose its more normal and she probably didnt mean nothing by it.

Anyway here is tune Gary Glitter could rub up on me to, and I wouldnt give a fuck (can you see the metaphor?).....

....Coz he would get stomped and moshed Rage Against the Machine Style, Id probably stomp him out even if this song wasnt playing.

Oh by the way, its a new release from Chase and Status, and the tracks called Eastern Jam. I heard this track get dropped by Urban Nerds resident Rattus Rattus @ Bigger Than Barry, I seriously thought this track was made with a sample of a fucking lorry falling on its side.

Rusko is another beast on the beats.....

Leon Jean Marie - Bring It On (Rusko Remix)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

DragonBall Zzzzzz....

Here is the Trailer for the forthcoming DragonBall Z feature film, I was talking to a collegue at work about this just last week but he was speculating whether its just rumors.

It was the first I had heard of anything about the movie however it did not suprise me, no one can originate anything anymore as we have reached the end of western civilisation.

Anyway Check it out...

Is it just me or does this smell of the same set of pants that both Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter Movies came (no homo) out of? The only thing that could save this film is if they took a leaf out of Incredible Hulk's book and became a CGI animation when blasting into Super Saiyan Mode.

You get the idea....

I recall the first time I ever watched DragonBall Z was when I went to Jamaica and my little cousin Marc was unsociable whenever this cartoon came on. I didn't understand it because I was viewing a couple of minutes of an episode. But after the animation started viewing in UK I watched as everyone else did but found it a bit boring at times, I got a feeling the movie will be on the same levels.

While attending Wheelers Lane Boys School, when we 'played' fighting (DragonBall Z Style), my favourite character was Vegeta. Most of my friends would end up fighting over who was Goku or Gohan, the most boring characters. Yeah, those friends supported Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea. On that note, here is Kanye West with the "Go In" track from Graduation.

Anyone bothered about his new album??