Saturday, 23 August 2008

Trendsetter's Bench Lesson 1 - The Bowler Hat

Well nothing is new under the sun, but myself and peeps will be influential in getting people to rock these English Bowler Hats for 08/09.

Back in the late 1800's Coke Hat (as it named after the first customer to purchase it) was original prototype of the modern day industrial yellow hard hats used by posh cunts whom would go rabbit hunting and get there top hats knocked off by low hanging tree twigs. 
Some dickhead on wikipedia has came up with the conculsion that these are not very popular anymore because you cant wear them in you car.....hmmmm. 

Well, Tomorrow is 'The Carnival' where you are surrounded by millions of people, walk in big circles, smell jerk chicken and enjoy it. Oh and when I say 'The Carnival' I mean Notting Hill no dis-retro-spect to all those in Leeds but London's Annual Caribbean party has the most similarities to the Brazilian one. I actually happen like most things which are Brazilian, except for nuts. 

Furthermore, I really do think people will think I am absolute nut (but also wanna jock my swag, no homo (i think)) tomorrow because ill be wearing a fresh Bowler with my spankers OBEY T-Shirt. Thats right I am trying to stand out like a sore thumb because as my favorite saying goes; "The one thing we have in common is we are all individuals".

I have noticed that the coolest type of fashion sense is the one which makes you stand out from everyone else and actually makes you different which isnt easy to do unless you 'wear your own garmz' like these two.

Which reminds me, I need to shout out FB who told me about a custom T-Shirt shop which is a minute away from my house (if i drive like a maniac). So I might Hit Em Up Tupac Styleeee.


Hold tight, Yera who inspired me to  finally cop one.


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