Thursday, 21 August 2008

Skamboard P

Now I have been saying for a minute that Pharrell carries the influential qualities to be in the musical catergory as a modern-day Prince. Even though he "bites" Prince's music style in the sneakiest ways. I guess like Mike Skinner's new masterpiece Everything Is Borrowed.
I sure wished someone could have Borrowed (or is it Lent) me £70 on Tuesday because Prince's Mini-me was in town to perform at the Birmingham Academy with N*E*R*D (aka The Revolution). Hold up wait, before you try and guess where this is going your wrong coz TICKETS for the show were £30, I dont think they were sold out but Pharrell is obviously doing his bit to get on the other side of the credit crunch.
Anyway the £70 would have came in handy for a T-Shirt which I had to buy in order to meet Pharrell at his in-store signing at Flannels, Bull Ring...........Dont Think So!!!!

I couldnt believe it, the worst part is that I twisted my ankle about two weeks ago 'Jumping Drunk to Daft Punk' at Fabric, London with Yera and Sean while the Scratch Pervs was on. So I am going into Birmingham City Centre on crutches, looking like a Tee-pee minus the sheep skin only to be told that even if I wanted to buy T-Shirt they are sold out anyway, So I couldnt meet the dude anyway (Im not even gonna say no homo, Pharrell is definatley one of the modern day Leaders of The New School). But to make up for the wack 'Scenario' I would have took that £70 to The Candy Store and just copped a couple of those 'The Hundreds' Tees. My Boy Ian has that FIRE!!

So I hobbled home and put on that 'Seeing Sounds' to make up for not meeting Pharrell and I found my new favourite song called 'Lazer Gun' which I wish Lupe drop a lil 16 on. I need to learn how remix on my Logic Express 7 program, Loooong Ting.


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