Friday, 14 August 2009


Bumped in to my guy Budgie from honest jons records on portobello road.

He turned me on to some funk i've never heard before, a group called Lakeside. They maaaaaad funky.

He's also putting on a night at market place with Eric lau called "TOMORROWW" on the 29th of August. Music will be very much like the video above. Borrow your dads purple suit (you know hes got one) and get down.
Djs on the night will be Floating Points, Eric Lau, Budgie and Inka.

On the subject of funk, saw this video of roger troutman and tech9ne in the studio. Look out for when tech9ne's wife calls and roger talks to her through the vocoder. Its bare funny!

Long will Roger live in memory.

Off to koko tonight - should be good, xenmate ( is playing with the bridging the gap family in room 2.

Till next time, Keep your pimp hand strong coz you got it going on.

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