Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I went to trading places. I didnt like it...


I don’t care who goes to a party or who the party is aimed at or what leggings people are wearing etc. I’m there to do me, have a jokes time and listen to sick music.

What i do care about is turning up and being told the queue i’m in is for, and i quote - “people who know the girl on the door!”. In all my 24 years, i have never heard anything so ridiculous. What does that even mean? I saw a stream of people arrive and saunter in, with the girl on the door showing a blatant disregard for the QUEUEING crowd. That was far from cool.

Furthermore, no announcement was made as to when the doors would shut. It’s polite to let the punters know when the doors would shut, taking in to consideration the length of the queue. Instead, the doors were shut abruptly and everyone told to call it a night.

I had to laugh at SLICKS’S comment about the failed grime emcee though, hahaha. Good spot!
I also heard kodjoe (and i use the term loosely) “the comedian”, refused to have his picture taken! talk about delusions of grandeur. I swear my man was at the door trying to text/call someone inside and make eye contact with someone on the door! (you know them one innit). I like that your’e doing your thing an all but…. YOU ARE NOT THAT GUY!

Trading places need to trade some courtesy and common decency with someone or the people will vote with their feet. The people have spoken….

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